The Source Channels – Wake Up – Heaven is Not Above

The true essence of understanding is knowledge, and knowledge breeds the concept of truth, but this concept is not necessarily the truth of what you understand, for the real truth of knowledge and understanding comes from the depth of you.

The true accomplishment of supreme knowledge is not the concept of achieving from the physical realm, but the concept of knowing and accepting the true values and divine wisdom and teachings from the power of your own internal awakening.

Wake up from indoctrinations or inculcation as this post takes you on the journey of your own discovery of knowing, heaven is not above.

Is the conclusion really that heaven is above? Or is it a fallacy? Do we really know where heaven is? Are we taking the notion that the religious institutions are correct in describing this belief of where heaven is? Or can it be the scriptures that dictate our belief? Which ever you choose the argument still remains where is heaven? Is it above?

Our text book dictionary meaning of heaven is: region beyond the sky; habitation of God and his angels a place regarded in various religions as the abode of God (or the gods) and the angels, and of the good after death, often traditionally depicted as being above the sky.

Now lets break this down because we were taught the answer to a word is always in the meaning. Or is it?

It says a region beyond the sky, but where? Is it the north, east, south or west beyond the sky? Or maybe near Mars or the new planet X, could it be a region beyond the clouds, just near one of the stars in the galaxy that we cannot see, or maybe it’s a figment of our imagination from our indoctrination. We better be careful that our space shuttles or aeroplanes don’t go through heavens door, if the location is not known.

We are no clearer to the actual point of heaven, but the meaning goes on to say:

Habitation of God and his angels a place regarded in various religions as the abode of God.

Ok, from that statement it is meant that God lives beyond the sky but not alone he lives with the angels, and when we die, we will join God in his habitation, but only if we are good.

Well that meaning does tell us where heaven is by indication; but it does not give us a geographical location of where it is. Now that we have a clearer understanding of heaven and who lives there from the text book point of view. Now there is an eagerness and urge to ascertain if the said textbook can tell us where hell is, or at least the meaning of the word.

The place of eternal punishment for the wicked after death, presided over by Satan. A state of separation from God; exclusion from God’s presence. The place or state of punishment of the wicked after death; the abode of evil and condemned spirits; Gehenna or Tartarus.

This gives us a clear description but it does not tell us where it is, or does it? Gehenna or Tartarus. Well that means according to the textbook.

A place or state of torment or suffering. The abode of condemned souls; hell.

The conclusion based on our textbook clearly tells us they have no actual place of heaven or hell which can be pin pointed, but if you are good you will join God beyond the sky, and if you are not you will go to hell, wherever that is. God has no address, so I cannot tell you based on the textbook where it is, but its somewhere beyond the sky, And our trips to Mars have not given us permission to travel to the red planet, or even live there, to enable us to be closer to God to find the true whereabouts of Gods location.

The holy bible says the Pharisees asked when the kingdom of God would come, and Jesus replied,

“The kingdom of God does not come with your careful observation, nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘there it is,’ because the kingdom of God is within you.” Luke17: 20-21

Our dictionary told us it’s beyond the sky. If we are to believe the holy bible account of the question asked, then the meaning of heaven in our dictionary is incorrect, and if you agree with the account of the dictionary then you will be saying the holy bible is incorrect. Now the big question is who or what do you believe? What side are you on? Now you have your answer, now where is heaven?

I say to you, heaven is not a place or a location. Heaven is not in the sky and heaven is not on earth. Its not all what it’s made out to be on the physical realm, and it is not true that you have to die to reach heaven either.

The Sleep channel says: Teach the earth not to wait for I to return for I am that I am, to return, means I left, and to leave means I am gone, to accomplish wisdom, is to gain understanding, to understand is knowledge, feed not from the words of the pass generation who changed the path that leads man to believe that which is unnatural is true. The Unseen.

Heaven is a higher level of consciousness, that link one stage to another, what does that mean? It means we have different levels of consciousness each level is a stage, and each stage represents a higher self. It’s noted on earth that we have between three to eight stages of consciousness but my sleep channel refers to nineteen stages, before you ascend to the hierarchy Stage, which is nine. The nineteen stages carries sub links. However the hierarchy stage as none.

In this post it will be difficult to cover all twenty-eight stages but I will take you on the journey to self-discovery.

Too begin to understand the stages, links and sub links, we first need to engage our tools, in this segment of our journey the only tools we need is: The conscious and subconscious ability. Within the brain of all beings are thinking cells. These cells are greater to all known atoms in the universe.

Our species have two forms of minds one is called the conscious the other is the subconscious. They both can synchronize by working on the same frequency or they can work on separate frequencies, either way there is a link from one to the other, locked within you is the secret power to your genetic makeup, your past, your present and your future.

To understand who you are, where your going, and the link to what reality beings call heaven is not lost, its trapped within the complexity of you, and you are the driver of your own complexities.

All your do’s and your don’ts your rights and your wrongs, your choices, your reasoning ability, everything and anything are done through the two abilities. Together they are like a powerhouse and a great asset if not the greatest asset to your genetic makeup.

However one of these abilities is much greater than the other and that ability is called the subconscious. There is no-one in our galaxy that have found a way to use the subconscious to its full potential, it is so complex only rare groups have discovered how to use or un-tap a part of this inner tool. Others were born with this gift, and some inherited it after an illness, or maybe a tragedy triggered this complexity that is in each and every one of us.

Once you can discover the complexity of your own sub consciousness and create the ability of how to use it without interferences from indoctrination and oppression the goal for the heaven you seek will appear while you are still on earth.

The subconscious mind is like the black box on an aircraft; if the plane crashes and goes up in flames that black box memory can still be rescued to give us the details of the last moments before the crash.

The subconscious is like that but much more powerful because you can travel on it. You do not need an aircraft; it will unlock information you have never seen or even heard of on the earth’s reality. It carries out your wants, needs, desires, right or wrong. It can unlock the greatest mysteries; it can take you on the journey you seek in a flash, the subconscious heals and cures, only if you allow it to. The subconscious mind waits for you to ignite it. When you decide you want to cook, or you are going to drive your car, you light a match for the gas, or you turn the ignition to drive. That’s how the subconscious works; it waits for your instructions, and carries them out accordingly.

The channel teaches: To seek from the right when your answer is on the left is resorting to the reality of earth. The key to the ultimate answers for reality and beyond is locked within the memory of the holder. The key to self is within the holder of self.

Although we all have the ability to the power of self, we all have the ability to allow others to take control of that power, this then leaves the subconscious a signal that this is your needs, your likes, and your dislikes. The power of control can be by force that the world may see, but the channel speaks of the one the conscious never sees that the subconscious always picks up and that is the true art of danger to any spiritual being.

The real evil to your subconscious surrounds the planet earth, like subliminal messages in music, where you think you are singing to the lyrics of a song you love, but in fact the song carries another message that the conscious sees not but the subconscious picks up, or you are watching an innocent advert, it looks like an innocent advert, but that evil person sneaks a secret message for you, it is such a quick flash that the conscious never sees it but the subconscious does, or like James Vicary who found a way to embed messages into films, again your conscious misses it, but your subconscious doesn’t. Eat popcorn the message would say, or drink coke, the subconscious would inform the conscious you want coke and popcorn, yes you say, and you buy. Others areas of control is in science, some churches, some institutions, behaviour conditioning especially in your kids, HAARP that can take the mind of a complete population.

This is the power of evil the subconscious have to contend with and you must revert to taking back the control of you.

To ascend to the first stage or first level is to wake up from this nightmare, take back the power of your own ability after all it belongs to you.

Unite that ability now and eradicate ‘Bad’ and replace it with spiritual integration. What is Bad? Bad means Brainwashing Activation Deprogramming, it’s the eradication of brainwashing to your subconscious, the stamping out of activation of such toxic deeds, and revitalize the divine power to your subconscious, by deprogramming the evil control placed upon you knowing or not knowing, this will allow you to link back to your original pureness without the interferences of mind control.

You can begin this method by filtering the manipulations of impurities from your subconscious, to enable you to rebuild and regain the normality of your divine existence putting you on the correct path of your journey to heaven.

It’s a complete life change; it’s not the earth Reality of consciousness that I relate to, it’s the Consciousness beyond earth’s self-reality its the direct link to the oneness of you.

The Sleep channel continues to say: For to believe in the teachings of a fool you will become a fool and be blinded by the mask. He who teaches that heaven is a place where you will return is a liar.He who teaches that heaven is above the earth is a greater liar.

What you see above your head is the formation of I for I stand before you, You are blinded by man so you see I not, feel I not, and hear not the messages or the messenger of I who has no Label to your world.

Seek the truth from the inner you for its there, and cast aside the Ejo from before you. The Unseen.

Stage two is awareness and knowing: To be aware that we are spiritual beings and not physical, we are the silent formless awareness that overlooks the functions of our body. There is no fear, and there is no connection from the real you to physical. Awareness and knowing is to realize there is no death to the real you, death is connected to the vessel or flesh that shields you.

The real conscious you is without form. You are everything above the physicality of what you think you are, you are outside the process of earth reality, and you are love. You are spiritual beings and our consciousness is within self.

Knowing is not faith, and faith is not knowing, an example of faith is “I have faith in the Almighty” faith is not knowing the almighty, faith is saying I believe because its not known. Knowing is not an assumption, it’s freedom of having faith because you know. Knowing is pure consciousness which is you its the first step of the awareness of knowing.

Oneness is the connection between love and knowing. An example is: identifying your consciousness before you were born and linking that pure divine reality to your consciousness now, that connection is what is called oneness.

Oneness is the awareness of knowing the realization of the undiluted reality before the flesh or vessel shields your consciousness in the physical realm. You cannot have faith in knowing if you know. Identifying awareness and knowing is not faith, to have faith in this context is saying I have faith that I am conscious, here you are linking or limiting the formless you to the physical understanding.

The process of identifying that you are who you are, gives you the end result of knowing the divine truth, and brings you one more step towards your destination.

The power of consciousness is to know, knowing was in the beginning, knowing was within triple darkness, and to begin the first stage is to revert back and connect your sub consciousness now with then and link that oneness that makes you – you.

In most religions faith allows us to hold on to faith, and the belief of what is not real and forget self, when you forget self, fear kicks in and you forget the reality of who you are and where you came from and how to connect back to that. Then life becomes difficult because you search for faith and belief in the realm of reality, rather than knowing the true reality is you, self.

The experience of stage one and two which is ‘BAD’ and awareness and knowing is the process and awareness of awakening, collecting,regenerating, remembering and activating the desires of self within self.

When you evolve from the consciousness of earth you are in heaven. When you raise your level of consciousness you will reach heaven within you on earth.

I know I have begun your Journey on Stages One and Two to get you into the gear (to start you on the process of) claiming back your subconscious,

The sub link to the stages is Meditation. Meditation is not a technique of self. Meditation is self. Meditation is awareness. Its not doing the act of meditation its being the act of meditation it’s the true realization of you. I am. It’s the concentration and connection to one word, one image, and one sound. It’s the essence to serenity, clarity and bliss and the realization of the true identification of the formless you, self, it’s the gateway to the divine enrichment of pure untapped knowledge, and the pathway that carries a reality without earth.

I will close with words of wisdom from the sleep channel:

Oh ye believers of faith and non-believers of little. Upon you I have bestowed the power to travel within all times within all dimensions. Enjoy the abundance of life and fulfilment within. Engage your beings to your inner consciousness and return to your label less destinations before your time within the dimension of earth.

I say unto you emerge in the inner awakening spirit and travel with the golden cord Koralatal and open your inner eye to your true existence. I tell you familiarise and identify while you travel Astro transcending proggestrotation here your true inner consciousness of self will ignite and awaken the bruentrones that will return you to that spec of consciousness within you, before the earth embraced you.

Behold balance your fueelt. Tiye teach for I gave unto you the true knowledge of earth. The words of I is a seal to the earth, I am label less yet it’s unknown to the earth. Ye who rejects the wisdom of there existence rejects the spirit to return to its existence hear my word, for I who is all, will remain all within all that is, I. The Unseen.